A look back at Tweehive

Posted 8 years ago

Yesterday was the last day of #Tweehive, a brilliant worthy cause in support of the honey bee. What is Tweehive?

Here´s a live feed of the #tweehive buzz, which is a replica of the big screens on display at London´s Southbank. Many of us could not attend in person, but certainly accompanied the event online.

It made me wonder that Twitter perhaps would have been more worthy of the name Buzzer, as I regard bees with greater affection than birds. But then again I also have a appreciation of spiders more than beatles, and yet rock band of the same namesake never suffered a popularity loss as a result of their choice.

My avatar was transformed for the day to a bee. The image, seen here, was used with kind permission of a Dutch photographer, based in Southern Spain called Jerome van Passel.
Foraging bee in southern Spain

Check out more photos of bees by Jerome on Flickr.

Such was the event that I´m now reading up on the merits and in´s and out´s of beekeeping and seriously considering giving it a go from Switzerland where I´m blogging from in addition to my recent foray in chicken rearing!

I think the viral internet element to the Tweehive campaign was a fantastic idea and I wish the organisers continued success in raising awareness of the importance of bees.

Bzzzzz zzz z

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