Support the bees !

Posted 8 years ago

Today is the last day of the Tweehive campaign in support of the honeybee. Chalet Les Cîmes is participating by displaying the Tweehive flower for foraging bees to pollinate and collect nectar!

The Hive by Bee WilsonLater today, as previously promised, I will be blogging and tweeting selected extracts from the The Hive, the magnificent book by Bee Wilson, published by John Murray publishers, who have kindly given permission to reproduce parts of the book which is available on Amazon.

If you´re in London, Southbank, be sure to attend the Pestival which Tweehive is part of.

If you want to stay upto date with all our Tweehive content, you can follow me on Twitter or subscribe to our exclusive RSS Tweehive RSS feed which will be continually updated this weekend with Bee only content.

Let the buzz begin!

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