A hive of activity in support of Apis mellifera

Posted 8 years ago

More observant visitors to our website during Friday 7th August may have noticed the presence of a sprouting flower on the lower left hand side of our homepage – what was that all about?

Bumble BeeMy avatar on Twitter was also transformed to a Honey Bee, and as a result there was a swarm of activity on our site, as it became part of the global treasure hunt for bees looking for blossoming flowers placed all over the web. We supported the #tweehive movement on Twitter and will continue to do so in coming months. Tweehive is a delightful campaign aimed at raising awareness of a serious subject – that of the decline of the bumble bee – one of nature´s finest creations.

As an owner of a holiday chalet in Chamonix, I´m well aware of the outstanding natural beauty appeal of the valley for all summer and winter tourists, and believe we must all do our part to maintain and contribute to sustainable living and tourism.

Honey Bees, commonly known as Bumble Bees (Apis mellifera) are magical creatures and are in real danger of terminal decline due to a variety of factors including pollution caused by our relentless environmentally destructive consumption patterns. The importance and role of the honey bee to the environmental ecosystem is hugely significant.

There are some excellent articles about the Tweehive campaign, which explain in detail the innovative nature of it and how you can get involved, be it as a web publisher or as a reader, online or offline. Check out the coverage from the green bastion of news that is Treehugger, and if you are a motivated urban dweller, why consider the merits of becoming a beekeeper!

The Hive - Bee WilsonAs an avid reader, one of my favourite I books I consumed last year was The Hive which is available on Amazon and during the next Tweehive event on September 5th 2009, I will be Tweeting some prize extracts from this enchanting book.

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